Plafón Led De 24 W Wifi Sonoff


Plafón de de led de 24 w que puede ser controlado con tu smartphone desde cualquier lugar que tenga internet.
Utiliza la app eWeLink para android o iphone.
Puede integrarse con otros dispositivos de la linea Sonoff

The BN-SZ01 wireless round flush mount LED ceiling light is wifi control cold light led. After adding the ceiling light to iOS/ Andriod APP eWeLink, users can remotely turn it on or off right away. Note that the ceiling LED is undimmable. 


You should have learned about our Sonoff basic, with high quality and reasonable pricing,  we can sell over 40K pieces per month.

We exported the data from the cloud server, around 70% of the users adopt Sonoff basic to control all different kinds of lamps, leds...etc.

There is rigid demand on remote light control.

So, here comes a product that can meet the demand. 


Long story in short, it's a celling light integrate with PSF-B01 module , and made by ewelink-eco partners.

It has the same functions as sonoff basic. 

It's not designed and produced by ITEAD Studio, so we can not offer the schematic and wiki page. 

Please read User Manual here.